The Ministry of Health hosts the world’s expert on health systems, quality and patient safety

The Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Ismat Mustafa, during his meeting with Irish expert Dr. Peter Schmann, visiting the country in his office in the Ministry, reaffirmed the Ministry’s commitment to the implementation of quality standards and patient safety in health institutions, conclusively on the importance of cooperation between Ireland and the Sudan in health areas.

The representative of the General Directorate of Quality, Dr. Izza Farouk, gave an enlightenment on the health system in the Sudan and the challenges associated with the implementation of the country’s health care quality and patient safety systems.

Dr. Peter discussed with the General Directorate of Quality and Development and the adoption of global strategies for the application of quality and how to choose the appropriate strategies for the Sudan.

The visit includes a number of meetings to discuss opportunities for cooperation between the Sudan and Ireland, as well as a field visit to some children’s hospitals in Khartoum, as well as training for a number of hospitals on the SAFE initiative to reduce child mortality.

It is worth mentioning that the coordination of the visit and the hosting of the Irish expert was with the Sudanese Doctors Association in Ireland.

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