To confront a serious illness, global health is spreading its teams to areas in the Sudan

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it had deployed rapid response teams to areas affected by the cholera outbreak in Sudan.

The organization confirmed that it was working to support the Sudanese Ministry of Health to transfer samples of suspected cases to the organization’s Public Health Laboratory in Port Sudan.

Risk of cholera infection in Sudan

It supported the Sudanese Ministry of Health in coordinating efforts to increase the provision of clean water and sanitation facilities and to sensitize affected and at-risk communities to the risks of transmission.

Mass displacement and disease spread
The Sudan was suffering from mass displacement, disease and malnutrition, as well as heavy rains and floods. 70% hospitals in the states affected by the conflict between the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese army were disrupted, and those working were suffering from large numbers of displaced persons.

Cholera and dengue outbreaks

Two days ago, the organization announced that cholera and dengue outbreaks had been reported in eastern Sudan, indicating that 80 cases of infection had been confirmed, while 10 people had died of cholera.

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