To get rid of excess weight within a week avoid 3 types of foods

A Russian nutritionist advised avoiding three types of foods to get rid of excess weight within a week.

Russian nutritionist Dr. Marina Makesha said on a TV show that if a person reduces their daily calories by 500 calories a day they will lose 500-1000 grams in a week.

She stressed the need to exclude premium white flour pastry from the daily diet for positive results because it contained large calories that did nothing to the body because if a person did not burn it, it would build up as fat.

She noted that it is possible to eat a small amount of whole cereal bread, showing that the blood sugar index of all pastry is high so it causes a sharp rise in the level of blood sugar.

Scientists advise avoiding salty food products as studies have shown that salt stimulates appetite and drives a person to eat more food.

Those wishing to shed excess weight should exclude sweets because the human brain reacts positively to the sweet taste.

This causes a sense of joy and pleasure which in turn leads to overeating them.

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