Visit of a delegation from the Italian Emergency Organization and the Heart Peace Center to the Medical Specialties Council

A delegation from the Italian Emergency Organization visited the National Council for Medical Specializations, presented by Mr. Mohamed, the organization’s national coordinator, Dr. Franco and Dr. Nasser, representatives of the Heart Peace Centre.

During the visit, the delegation met with the President of the Council, Professor Ahmed Al-Meki, and the Secretary-General, Dr. Ahmed Farah Shadol. During the visit, he was briefed on a number of issues in the medical field and discussed the plan for the development of the nursing curriculum.

It was also agreed that the degree should be a professional master’s degree in narrative nursing, with the Peace Centre being given training opportunities for a number 3 trainees annually and with a two-year duration with the possibility of involving other training centres.

The Secretary-General of the Council discussed with the National Coordinator of the Sudan Office of the Italian Emergency Organization the training of paediatric surgeons’ deputies at the pediatric surgery hospital of Anteba-Bioganda as part of the training programme.

He emphasized the visit of a high-level delegation from the Specialized Council for Paediatric Surgery in Uganda and its accreditation as a training centre. The meeting also discussed opportunities for the training of anaesthetic, cardiac and children’s deputies.

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