What is an eye migraine?

The German Migraine and Headache Association said that migraines are a special form of migraines, noting that they can be in migraines, or independent.

The association explained that its causes are not known to Balkah, and doctors are likely to be due to disturbed circulation in the visual cortex, where there is an optical stimulus treatment center.

Another explanation focuses on nerves, where doctors suspect dysfunction and agitation in nerves related to the optic nerve, and therefore visual stimuli are not properly transmitted, as manifested in the typical suffering of eye migraines.


The triggers are psychological stress, lack of sleep, hormonal fluctuations, weather fluctuations, some nutritional ingredients, some drugs, photostimulators, and booze.

Its symptoms are visibility of light flashes, winding lines and limitations in vision, blinking and double-sightedness, in addition to light sensitivity, headache, nausea, and vertigo.

His seizures can be met with painkillers, calm and sitting in the dark with relaxation techniques, as well as placing cold compresses on the forehead and eye.

If symptoms increase, the doctor should be consulted, as they may presage serious illness such as stroke, detachment of the retina, or tumor.

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