Israel calls on Gazans to “escape to Egypt”

The Israeli army’s call for Gazans to “flee to Egypt” was quoted by Hebrew on Tuesday.

“The Israeli army offers the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip fleeing the army’s airstrikes to flee to Egypt,” the IDF spokesman said in a statement.

“I am aware that the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt remains open.”

The Israeli army spokesman announced on Tuesday that Israeli forces had taken full control of the border fence in the Gaza Strip.

“The army forces are working to fill the gaps in the fence and the army estimates that there are more armed people hiding,” the spokesman said.

During the night, the Israeli army announced that it had attacked more than 200 targets in Khan Younis and the Sand neighbourhood of the Gaza Strip.

The army also attacked Islamic Jihad infrastructure, a Hamas weapons store in a mosque and Hamas infrastructure in a multi-storey apartment and building.

This comes as the Israeli military allowed the names of 38 new soldiers killed during clashes with Palestinian fighters to be published, bringing the number to 122.

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