Israel decides to destroy Hamas and halt the supply of electricity, fuel and food to Gaza

Following an early meeting on Sunday, Israel’s security cabinet decided to halt the supply of electricity, fuel and foods to Gaza in response to an attack by Hamas that left hundreds dead.

The Council also adopted a decision to destroy Hamas’ military and government capabilities.

The Jerusalem Post quoted a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office as saying the decisions were aimed at “dismantling the military and administrative capabilities of the Hamas and jihad movements.”

Its purpose was “to limit the ability of such groups to threaten or harm Israeli citizens for a long time”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Saturday that the Israeli army would use all its power to destroy the Palestinian group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu said in a televised speech: “I am now speaking to all the citizens of Israel: We are together in this war, this war will take time, and it will be difficult. We have difficult days ahead of us, but I want to promise you one thing, that we will win with God’s aid and all our efforts, thanks to our faith in Israel. ”

Hamas and Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday, including the firing of thousands of rockets into the cities of southern and central Israel, and fighters stormed Israeli towns and settlements adjacent to the Strip.

Israeli aircraft responded with a series of violent incursions into the Gaza Strip, killing and injuring hundreds.

Israeli broadcasters reported that the number of Israeli deaths in Hamas operations since Saturday morning had risen to 300.

Israel’s Ministry of Health announced that the number of wounded had risen to 1,590, including about 300 serious cases.

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