Israel is expanding its operations to southern Gaza

Israeli forces will bomb Hamas targets wherever they find them, including in the southern Gaza Strip, the senior IDF spokesman said, as the forces continue their ground operation in the besieged northern Gaza Strip.

“We are determined to move our process forward,” Admiral Daniel Hagary added at a regular press conference, “wherever there is enthusiasm, including in the south of the Strip.”

Reuters quoted the spokesman as saying “it will happen in the most appropriate time, place and conditions for the military.”

The Israeli army pushed one and a half million Palestinians out of their homes in northern Gaza and demanded that they head to the south, considering the north as a field of military operations, where Hamas states that its presence is concentrated in the north.

With such a large number of Palestinians displaced to the south, many fear that the expansion of military operations in the southern regions could result in massive civilian casualties.

For its part, Hamas announced that 12 1,000 people had been killed by Israel’s ongoing bombing of the Gaza Strip since the outbreak of the war on October 7.

Gaza’s Ministry of Health confirms that dozens of bodies are scattered in the streets in the northern Gaza Strip and that it is impossible to recover and accurately count them due to the intense shelling and fighting.

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