Khartoum: Meeting on environmental issues in the Arab country

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Urban and Rural Environment and Promotion in Khartoum State, Dr. Bashura Hamid Ahmed, welcomed the partnership and cooperation with the Union of Arab Engineers-Committee for the Environment in the field of environmental issues in the Arab country.

This came during the meeting of the Secretary-General of the Council, Dr. Bashura Hamid Ahmed, and Dr. Tariq Hamdouna Allah, Director of the General Directorate of Outreach, Information and Partnerships today, with the representative of the Committee of the Arab Engineers’ Union – Committee for the Environment, Dr. Abdullah Saifuddin.Dr. Tariq Hamdna, Deputy Secretary-General of the Council, Director General of the Department of Public Awareness, Information and Partnerships, said that many environmental issues are complex, the most important of which are related to climate change.

Many Arab countries have become engaged by Sudanese environmental experts.For his part, Dr. Engineer Counsellor confirmed. Abdullah Saifuddin, representative of the Federal Environment Committee of the Federation of Arab Engineers, developed a road map for coordination and cooperation with the Supreme Council for the Environment in dealing with the Arab environmental issue.

The meeting touched on the experience of the Federation of Arab Engineers with Arab States, notably the Jordanian and Tunisian experience in the transport of waste for gas and electricity production, the Green Economy Conference to train entrepreneurs, the importance of green buildings, challenges and constraints, and the launch of the cleaner production initiative.

Coordination among Arab countries in the field of environment conservation and combating distortions and pollution, while encouraging scientific studies and research at the Arab level.

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