Launch of the Arab International Network’s Conference on the Integration of Public Policies in Human Rights

The President of the National Human Rights Commission, Dr. Rafat Merghani Abbas Al-Amin, participated in the work of the international conference on “Integrating human rights into public policies”, organized by the Arab Network of National Human Rights Institutions and its nineteenth Assembly in cooperation with the National Human Rights Commission of the Islamic Republic of Maof Mauritania, from July 27_28.

The President of the National Commission on Human Rights presented a scientific paper entitled “The role of international treaty and non-treaty bodies in the tracking and evaluation of public policies”.

The recommendations contained in the paper in the final communiqué of the Conference were adopted by the Arab Network of National Human Rights Institutions.

At its open meetings, the Conference reviewed the human rights principles contained in the framework of the international principles on this subject, highlighting the methods and tools to operationalize these principles in the course of planning, assessing public policies and their impact and effectiveness.

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