Launching of the National Training Course for Vegetable Crop Production under Organic Farming Systems

The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) today opened the national training course on “Production of vegetable crops under organic farming systems”, which is being carried out by AOAD at its regional office in the Middle Arab region of the Arab Republic of Egypt for 22 participants from agricultural researchers.

as part of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development’s annual country training programme in the Arab States.

The five-day course aims to familiarize participants with the laws governing organic agriculture, how to register, obtain certificates of organic product and familiarize them with the Egyptian Organic Agriculture Law and its relevance at the domestic and international levels.

How to produce organic vegetables as a healthy and safe food and know what substances are permitted to be used as pest and disease-resistant substances and to use a vital disease control system as well as to identify the organic fertilizer system as an alternative to mineral fertilizers while preserving all axes of the environment and reducing the burden of climate change.

Review of an integrated model of vegetable crop production and vegetable economics for organic agriculture.

This is in addition to presenting the model of comparing the economics of organic and conventional production.

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