Security raids targeting members and supporters of Hamas in Germany

The German police carried out searches in 4 states targeting members and sympathizers of Hamas and the Palestinian network “Samadon” banned in the country.

The police searched 15 apartments in Berlin, Lower Saxony, North Rhine, Westphalia and Schleswig Holstein, areas where Hamas sympathizers reside, and “steadfast”, pursuant to court orders in 4 regions, according to the German Ministry of the Interior.

In a statement, the Ministry explained that the security campaign was aimed at “enforcing the embargo, as well as clearing the illegal structures of Hamas, a terrorist organization in the country as well as a resilient network.”

According to the Ministry, some 450 members of Hamas are present in Germany. Their activities vary from support, propaganda, funding and fundraising, while Interior Minister Nancy Fizer asserted that her country “will continue to move against extremist Islamists”.

“By banning Hamas and resilient people in Germany, we have sent a clear signal that we will not tolerate any support for Hamas’ barbaric terrorism against Israel,” Fizer said, adding: “Radical Islamists and anti-Semites must not feel safe here and must expect the full force of the rule of law.”

On 2 November, the German Interior Ministry announced a ban on Hamas and “steadfast” activities, which was followed by security campaigns to track sympathizers.

Germany, along with the United States, the European Union and other countries, designated Hamas a “terrorist organization”, while “Steadfast, an international pro-Palestinian network, is operating under the guise of a group of solidarity with prisoners to spread anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic propaganda”, according to the Ministry.

Condemning Hamas attack

German Minister Nancy Fizer earlier called on Muslim organizations in the country to “condemn Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7.”

In a television interview, Fizer said: “I expect Islamic organizations to take a clear position and take responsibility in society. It must clearly condemn the October 7 attack, and not just yes, but “.

She added: “It must be clear, we stand with Israel.”

She also cautioned that the debate against anti-Semitism should not be used for anti-Muslim racism.

“We must not leave room for those who make Muslims the cause of all evil”, she said, adding that “those who create an anti-Muslim climate today on the pretext of anti-Semitism want to divide us, not unite us”.

Some 5.5 million Muslims live in Germany, half of whom have German nationality, according to the “Congress of Islam in Germany”, a cooperation body between the German Government and Islamic organizations.

Muslims make up 6.6% of the country’s population, the second largest religious group after the 45 million Christians, and make up half of Germany’s population.

Germany has one of Europe’s largest Jewish communities, with an estimated number of 200 thousand people.

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