A workshop for humanitarian partners on providing legal aid to victims

The Sudanese Family Organization Association, North Darfur State Branch, in cooperation with the Legal Aid Section of the Legal Department and the UNFPA State Office, organized today in El Fasher’s Scarlet Lights Resort a coordination workshop for humanitarian aid partners, which brought together 25 legal, judicial and judicial personnel and relevant institutions and organizations.

During the workshop sessions, three working papers were submitted. Maulana Rim Abdulkareem Said’s first paper addressed the challenges of legal aid.

The second paper, presented by Professor Mohamed Salim Jadallah, dealt with the role of the Bar Association in providing legal aid.

The Legal Counsel’s third paper, Maulana, was a winner of legal aid in terms of functions, competencies, areas of legal aid work and relevant stakeholders, as well as achievements, problems and challenges facing legal aid.

These papers were extensively discussed by participants, who stressed in their interventions the importance of consensus on facilitating and coordinating channels for providing legal aid to victims and those in need, stressing the need for legal aid providers to be as impartial and impartial as possible and to adhere to the ethics of the profession and humanity.

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