Conference on dismantling June 30th regime concludes sessions

The Conference on roadmap for renewing the process of dismantling the June 30th regime concluded sessions in the Friendship Hall.

The official spokesman for final phase in the political process, Engineer Khalid Omar Youssif, said in a press conference held that the conference dealt with everything related to setting a new roadmap for of dismantling the June 30th regime, which included legislation, policies, mechanisms, empowerment, fields, standards, rules and procedures for renewal.

During the conference, eight key working groups were presented, which dealt with corruption and empowerment for a period of three decades and the political, media and economic dimensions of dismantling the June 30th regime, with the participation of a number of specialists and experts, as well as jurists, politicians, professionals, trade unionists and civil society.

the conference dealt with the mechanisms for implementing the dismantling process, the targeted institutions, the media mechanism, citizens’ participation, corruption and the recovery of looted assets and funds internally and externally besides procedures and appeals related to the rule of law in the dismantling process.

The working papers dealt with international standards, governing principles and options in the process of dismantling with the help of African experiences and its dealings with corruption and therecovery of looted assets and funds.

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