Dagalo directs expeditious completion of the Juba Agreement implementation mechanisms

The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and Chairman of the High National Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of the Juba Agreement for Peace in the Sudan, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, directed the Peace Commission and stakeholders to expedite the establishment of the required mechanisms and provide the necessary appointments for the implementation of the JAgreement.

This came during the chairmanship of his office in the Republican Palace of a meeting involving the President of the Peace Commission, Dr. Suleiman Mohamed Al-Dabilou, and senior negotiators of the Darfur Route of the Juba Peace Agreement for the Sudan.

A member of the delegation of senior Darfur Pathway Commissioners, Mr. Ahmed Taqid Lassan, stated in a press statement that the meeting had discussed a number of issues related to the implementation of the Peace Agreement, in particular the need to activate the supreme mechanisms to follow up the implementation of the Darfur Pathway Agreement.

The meeting had also discussed a detailed report by the Chairperson of the Peace Commission on the support provided by some international bodies and organizations to operationalize the mechanisms for the implementation of the Peace Agreement, adding that the meeting had reached a number of recommendations and observations in that regard.

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