Daglo chairs meeting of final arrangements for political process with signing in early April

The Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, General Mohammad Hamdan Daglo, the civil forces signatory of the political framework agreement, and the tripartite mechanism, held a meeting at the Republican Palace.

The official spokesman for the political process, Khaled Omar, affirmed in statements that the meeting approved the formation of a committee of eleven perosns to draft the final agreement, including nine representatives of the signing civil forces, a representative from the armed forces and a representative for the Rapid Support Forces, indicating that the committee was given a deadline that ends on the 27th of this month to submit the final agreement.

He pointed out that the work of the drafting committee depends on the terms of reference represented in the framework agreement, the political declaration, the recommendations of the workshops, and the draft transitional constitution for the Bar Association with the observations of the political forces on it.

He indicated that the non-signatory parties were invited to today’s meeting at the Republican Palace, but they did not attend, noting to the formation of a committee to communicate with them.

The spokesperson of the political process explained that the Republican Palace meeting was an extension of a meeting held this afternoon at the Guest House, in the presence of the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, through which final dates for the political process were approved, starting with the signing of the final agreement on the frirst of April , with the signing of the constitution on the 6th of April, and the formation of the institutions of the transitional authority on the 11th of April.

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