Daglo chairs meeting of Higher Oversight Committee of Abyei area

Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo chaired at the Republican Palace meeting of the Higher Committee for Political and Administrative Oversight of Abyei area.

The rapporteur of the committee, Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Wad-Abuk, said in a press statement that the committee, during the meeting, examined the humanitarian and security situation in Abyei area and set directives related to maintaining security and stability and underscored importance of finding conducive environment for contacts between Dinka Ngok and Messairiyah tribes and that the political solutions shall take into consideration desires of the parties concerned with future of the area.

The committee’s rapporteur affirmed that Sudan adopts a direction to achieve responsible positive communication to make a breakthrough that enhances security and stability and calls on the Republic of South Sudan to continue joint efforts to achieve development, provide basic services and build peace.

He pointed out that Abyei area needs to fill the governmental administrative vacuum and find an authority to communicate with the citizens, stressing the need to implement the agreement on administrative and political arrangements agreed upon between the two countries and supported by the international community for the benefit of the citizens.

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