Darfur Refugee Accredited Assistant meets Central Darfur Commissioner

Mr. Mujibur Rahman Mohamed Ya ‘qub Rizq, Director of UNHCR’s Central Darfur State Office, Mr. John Moat, met with the Director of the Central Darfur Refugee Assistant’s Office, Mr. Abdullah Idris Mohamed, and the Director of the Umm Shalaya Camp.

The meeting discussed issues related to the registration of southern refugees in some localities of Central Darfur State, as well as the discussion of whistleblowers who did not have the cash support of the World Food Programme.

Regular meetings of the Refugee Action Group were ensured with the participation of UNHCR, the Refugee Accreditation and other organizations working in the area of refugee services on addressing obstacles to the functioning of refugees.

The Assistant Accredited Refugees of the Darfur States added in a press release that their visit to the state of Central Darfur was aimed at identifying challenges and the possibility of resolving problems in coordination with the relevant authorities.

For his part, the Director of UNHCR’s Central Darfur State Office, Mr. John Mowat, acknowledged the low level of services provided to refugees due to the reduction in the budgets of some UNHCR programmes and drew John on the efforts of his Department in coordination with the Head of UNHCR’s Office for Cash Support to Refugees, as well as well as well as arrangements for a field visit to the UCamp next week in coordination with UNH.

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