Fighting confrontations between rapid support and the people of Eastern Darfur

There were armed clashes between a rapid support force and citizens of Adila, East Darfur, who refused to enter the force, which arrived in the area two days earlier from the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

According to informed sources speaking to Darfur24 from the towns of Adila and Wabukarnka, members of the force retreating from Khartoum decided to visit their relatives in Adila, which was rejected by local residents resulting in clashes between the parties.

Information circulated in the media that a force of rapid support from the Ma ‘alia tribes withdrew from the field in Khartoum to their hometown of Adila, but according to follow-up, the force returned to the area under the direction of the Rapid Support Command.

One of the region’s commanders, Tariq, stated that the arrival of UNDOF was not as rumoured to have returned because of differences and racial distinction within the Rapid Support Institution, but was assured that it was a Rapid Support Tracking Force (RSF) in an official Mamorian with the knowledge and command of its senior leadership.

One of the youths in the area explained that confrontations took place between the people of Adaila, adding: “A group of youths with no military affiliation refused to enter the force coming from Khartoum and engaged in clashes that severely wounded two.

According to Adila sources, forces from Khartoum under the command of Qadhafi, consisting of “14” Land Cruisers, 6 Boxes, and that the Ma ‘alia community administration refused to enter armed vehicles into the city, and proposed the establishment of a camp to store combat vehicles outside the city.

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