Independent Civil Component Announces Vision for State Administration

The independent civil component of the revolutionary forces has announced a political program that reflects vision and strategy of an integrated action of the state administration.

The move was made by the Independent Civil Component of the Revolutionary Forces at a press conference held at the regular news forum of Sudan News Agency.

The independent component called for putting the revolution in its proper place and to boost the revolutionary forces and accommodating them, through its political program named the revolutionary rights charter, which leads to building an institutional state via institutional programs.

The head of the independent component, Dr. Salah-Eddin Musa Abdul-Razaq, said that the component consists of several parties with an insightful vision that carries the visions of the revolution in embodying its slogans in order to achieve peace and justice, adding that the main foundations on which the component was built are based on the principles of the revolutionaries capability to manage the country’s affairs by their qualified cadres through programs and strategic plans.

This besides mapping out a constitutional document for the management of the transition period and establishment of balanced foreign relations with neighboring countries to realize the interests of the country, he added.

Dr. Salah pointed out that the program included the resolving of several issues, such as the reform of the civil service, improving the investment law to attract a return on investment to the state as well as boosting services and work to develop them through qualified cadres, stressing the need to strengthen the role of the Armed Forces and the other regular forces to safeguard the security and stability of the country.

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