Joint Coordination Committee of framework agreement signatories continue meetings

The Joint Coordination Committee between the signatories to the framework agreement and the tripartite mechanism continued meetings to complete the discussion on the remaining four issues of the final stage of the political process.

The official spokesman for the political process, Eng. Khaled Omar Youssef, said in a statement that the meeting heared to perceptions on the activities related to peace and eastern Sudan, where the general plan was approved for the tripartite mechanism to send the invitations and facilitate the work of the two activities, including the ensuring of the widest possible participation of stakeholders and forces of the December Glorious Revolution, with starting the preparatory steps today in order to hold its session before end of current January.

He added that the meeting underlined the goal of the two events which is to enhance the process of implementing the Juba Peace Agreement for Sudan by removing the political and practical obstacles in front of it, and to lay the correct foundations for addressing the issues of eastern Sudan in order to achieve stability in the region, comprehensiveness of the solution, justice for its citizens, and removal of all forms of marginalization.

The spokesman for the political process asserted that the committees concerned with preparation and arrangement will continue work as of today, and will involve public opinion in all the next steps, in order to remove all the causes of prolonged suffering of the people.

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