Khaled Omer Youssef: Signing of final agreement at First of next April

The official spokesman for the political process, Eng. Khaled Omar Youssef, announced that the signing of the final agreement will be in the first of next April, with the signing of the transitional constitution on the 6th of next April, indicating that the formation of the institutions of the transitional authority begins on the 11th of the same month.

He in the press conference held at the Sudan News Agency Forum this evening, following a joint meeting held at the Republican Palace, in the presence of General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, General Mohammed Hamdan Daglo, the signatories of the framework agreement, the tripartite and quartet mechanism, and the European Union, with the participation of members of the Sovereignty Council, Al-Hadi Idris and Al-Taher Hajar, official spokesman for the political process that the meeting was held to review the arrangements timelines for the final agreement of the political process.

Eng. Khaled Omar Khaled pointed to some non-signatories to the framework agreement were expected to join the meeting to form with the rest of the signatories a committee for drafting the framework agreement, noting that those forces announced their non-attendance at this meeting.

He asserted the selection of the drafting committee during the meeting, consisting of 11 persons, nine of them represent the various civil forces singatory to the framework agreement, one representative of the Armed Forces, and a representative of the Rapid Support Forces, with not less than 40% percentage of women to represented in the drafting committee.

In response to a question about the issue of transitional justice, the official spokesman said that it is under discussion during the national conference held in the Friendship Hall, in which the issue is being discussed with complete transparency and all issues were reviewed, including issues of immunities, amnesty, and access to a model of transitional justice that guarantees justice for the victims, “which is a major issue that guarantees the country’s direction towards the future” he said.

Eng. Khaled indicated that the meeting concluded with the formation of a committee to communicate with the parties that announced their refusal to attend the meetin, asserting: “We want these parties to be part of the political process and part of the final agreement.”

He affirmed that the committee will continue its work normally in order to meet the deadlines that were set to reach the final agreement, sensing the conditions in the country and the peole’s great desire for an end to the current situation and for there to be a civilian government, referring to the agreement of all parties to make efforts to reach an agreement without obstacles.

Regarding the security reform, Khaled Omar said that the security and military reform workshop is being arranged between the military, civilians and the tripartite mechanism, stressing coordination with the military side in this regard.

He pointed out that military side will prepare its position that will be presented in the workshop, adding that the arrangement for the workshop itself takes place through the regular mechanisms between the military, civilians and the tripartite mechanism, indicating that the arrangements for it are proceeding and its timing will be announced in the next two days.

The official spokesman pointed out that a period of one week has been set for the drafting committee to complete an initial draft of the final agreement, and it will start its work as of tomorrow, indicating that they will inform public and local and international media about developments.

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