Mariam Sadiq meets UNITAMS Head of Mission

Dr. Maryam Sadiq al-Mahdi, Vice President of the National Umma Party, met at her home in Safia Bahri, Head of Mission of UNITAMS Volker Berts.

The meeting addressed the current political situation in the country and the ongoing endeavours to unite the national political and revolutionary forces to reach a consensual vision on the transition to democratic governance and the establishment of the civilian authority demanded by the Sudanese people after the military declared the obligation to hand over full authority to civilians.

Dr. Maryam provided an enlightenment on the party’s efforts to communicate with the revolutionary national political and civil forces to reach consensus on the national exit.

She also explained the initiatives put forward and the opportunities to reconcile them to arrive at a unified vision as part of the readiness for a transition period that would benefit from its predecessor’s experience.

Speeding up civilian governance was an urgent need to restore constructive cooperation with the international community.

For his part, the Head of Mission of UNITAMS indicated their engagement and support for all national efforts to realize the aspirations of the Sudanese people to restore the path of democratic civil transition.

The United Nations Mission is committed to the United Nations’ principles of human rights and democratic governance, stressing that the Mission’s role is limited to facilitating the process of political dialogue among the components, pointing to the possibility of a consensus leading to the formation of a stable civilian authority in the country to support the democratic transition towards free and fair elections by the end of the transition period.

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