Member of the Sovereign Meets Executive Secretary of IGAD

Member of the Transitional Sovereign Council Bahri Engineer Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim Ali stressed the need to unite efforts and fruitful cooperation in order to achieve the objectives of the current IGAD session through the Sudan’s road map and the need for IGAD heads of State to contribute to its implementation.

During his meeting with the Executive Secretary of the leadership, Ambassador Raqni Qabihu, in the presence of the Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dafullah El Hadj Ali, and the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Defence, General Issam Karar, he reiterated the importance of consolidating peace and societal security in the region, achieving African economic integration and promoting a culture of peace.

Ambassador Rahma Ahmed al-Obaid, Ambassador of the Sudan in Djibouti, stated in a press statement that the meeting touched upon various issues of mutual interest, particularly agricultural development, and the activation of the role of women and young people in order to serve the interests and aspirations of the peoples of the region.

The meeting elaborated on the plans and programmes proposed for the Regional Centre for Leadership in the Sudan and ways to fulfil its role as one of the largest regional centres.

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