Minister for Foreign Affairs participates in the inclusive dialogue conference in Chad

Ambassador Ali al-Sadiq will participate in the inaugural meeting of the Comprehensive Dialogue Conference in Chad after the Chadian Government and opposition groups signed an agreement in Doha last week to begin the inclusive dialogue immediately after signing.

In a statement to the Sudan News Agency, the Minister for Foreign Affairs said that the achievement of peace in Chad was of paramount importance to the Sudan in relation to the intercommunity and common borders between the two countries and the presence of large numbers of refugees.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs in charge of his Chadian counterpart is scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the Conference to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to develop them and maintain security on the two countries’ common borders.

Chad actively participated in the Juba talks, which resulted in the signing of the Sudanese Peace Agreement by the Government of the Sudan and the Darfur movements.

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