National Human Rights Commission Names Daglo as Personal of the Year

The National Commission for Human Rights and a number of non-governmental organizations have honored the Vice – President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, and considered him the Personality of the Year for the year 2022.

The honoring was taken in recognition of his role in achieving the political agreement for solving the political crisis in the country, his personal and institutional pledge to protect the democratica transformation, his apology for the use of state violence, his role in prohibiting impunity and also his continuous support to the human rights institutions.

The honoring of the Sovereignty Council’s Vice – President also took into consideration his contribution to resolving the disputes and restoring stability in a number of regions in Sudan.

Addressina celebration marking the International Day of Human Rights, the Chairman of the Human Rights Commission, Dr. Rifaat Mirghani Abbas, stressed the importance of overcoming the bitterness of the past and respect of the diversity and the others.

Dr. Rifaat has praised the signing of the framework political agreement by different components, hoping that the agreement will provide a basis for achieving democratic transformation and justice.

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