OHCHR receives a delegation from the Political Science Department of the University of Nile

A delegation of students from the Political Science Department of the University of the Nile visited the National Human Rights Commission as part of the students’ practical training programme. The delegation was led by Dr. Masia Madani, head of the department, accompanied by Dr. Ihal Abdul Latif, visiting coordinator and Dr. Rehab Mohamed, Assistant Professor of Political Science.

The President of the National Human Rights Commission, Dr. Rafat Merghani Abbas Al-Amin, who was receiving the delegation and a number of OHCHR staff members, said that the visit was aimed at identifying the functions, competencies and roles of the Office.

The interactive dialogue with students on this subject, as well as with international, regional and national human rights protection bodies and mechanisms, was very productive.

Dr. Rifat expressed his pleasure at visiting, urging students to learn and work towards trapping hate speech and having an important role in building the nation and spreading a culture of human rights.

He called on other universities to follow the approach of the Political Science Department of the University of the Nile to familiarize students with their national institutions and roles and promised to develop joint OHCHR/UNU human rights awareness and education activities.

Dr. Maissa Madani, Head of Political Science, University of the Nile, commended UNHCR’s efforts and continuous endeavour to deal with all issues with impartiality and professionalism and appreciated the great role it plays in raising awareness and educating on the concept of the rights guaranteed to them by law.

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