Press release on the outcomes of the round table

Sheikh Al-Tayeb Sheikh Al-Jeddah Sheikh Bader, President of the Sudanese People’s Appeal for National Accord, said that the outcomes of the Round Table Conference were the outcome of a broad, diverse and multi-Sudanese consultation with various political, social, cognitive, professional, ethnic and geographical backgrounds scholars, wise men and experts recognized for wisdom and good opinion, who made considerable efforts And I was subjected to a change of opinion and a quest for wisdom and correctness.

The Sudanese people’s appeal for national reconciliation was valued in the press release read out by Dr. Hashim Sheikh Kabir Allah, Chief Executive Officer of the Sudan People’s Initiative, following the conclusion of the round table and the issuance of its recommendations s political, social and cultural weight, young people, women, professionals, civil society organizations, national figures and all those who participated in the conference and specialized conferences, and a whole range of activities and consultations prior to the Sudanese Dialogue Conference.

The statement noted that the outcomes of the dialogue addressed people’s concerns in the economy, pension, security, peace, education, health and other services, youth issues, women, society, culture, identity, sports, public service and other concerns of people in rural and urban areas.

The statement reaffirmed that the goal of the Sudanese people’s call for national reconciliation is to collect the words of the Sudanese people as a whole and to seek the widest possible national accord. Its approach is to communicate with all components of the national arena without exception. Agenda for Peace “, the Appeal will therefore endeavour and make every effort to present the outcomes of the Round Table Conference to those forces that have not been able to participate in the Conference with a view to achieving as much Sudanese consensus as possible.

The statement affirmed that the appeal offers white hearts to all the countrymen, who dialogue with them and absorb their ideas as long as they are constructive and supportive of achieving national reconciliation and consensus, without prejudice to the essence of the outcomes of the round-table conference.

The statement explained that the appeal authorized its Chairman and its Supreme and Executive Committee to communicate with all to explain the outcomes of the appeal and to expand the base of participants wishing to cooperate to bring a speedy and urgent end to the protracted national crisis, which cannot be postponedSuch precarious situations, which had adversely affected every citizen, were no longer likely, with consultations to be concluded within several days without delay paid for by the simple citizen.In conclusion, he congratulated the Sudanese people and army on the occasion of the armed forces.

He assured the Sudanese army’s heroes, who defended the territory and unity of the nation, that their sacrifice in the present and in history would continue to be appreciated and recognized by every citizen.

The Sudanese people, with all their social and political components, are aware of their duties to support and support their army, the protector of the land and the show.

The appeal underscores the Sudanese people’s unity in supporting their army and enabling it to fulfil its constitutional duties and stand in support of it.

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