Quad and Troika countries welcome political framework agreement

The members of the Quad and Troika (Norway, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States) welcomed the agreement on an initial political framework, stressing its importance as an essential first step towards forming a civilian-led government, and identifying constitutional arrangements to guide Sudan through a transition leading to elections.

The Quad commended the efforts of the parties to mobilize support for this framework agreement from a wide range of Sudanese actors, as well as their call for continuous and inclusive dialogue on all issues of concern, and cooperation to build the future of Sudan.

It has urged all Sudanese actors to engage in this dialogue urgently and in good faith, noting that the military has made it clear it is ready to step back from politics and engage constructively in the ongoing dialogue, calling on all parties to put Sudan’s national interest above narrow political ends.

The members of the Quad and Troika have added in astatement issued today: “We also fully support the UNITAMS-AU-IGAD (the Tripartite Mechanism) role in facilitating these negotiations and call on all parties to do the same“ , indicating: “the Quad and Troika members support this Sudanese-led process and condemn spoilers attempting to restrict political space and undermine Sudan’s stability and democratic transition.”

The group stressed on the necessity for a concerted effort to finalize negotiations and reach agreement quickly to form a new civilian-led government which is essential to address Sudan’s urgent political, economic, security, and humanitarian challenges.

The members of the Quad and Troika asserted: “This is the key to unlocking the resumption of international development assistance and deeper cooperation between the government of Sudan and international partners. We are working with partners to coordinate significant economic support to a civilian-led transitional government to help address the challenges facing the people of Sudan.’

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