Saudi Ambassador reaffirms Saudi Arabia’s support for the efforts of consensus and reconciliation in the Sudan

His Excellency the Saudi Ambassador to the Sudan reaffirmed bin Hassan Jafar the Kingdom’s support for all efforts of harmony and reconciliation between the Sudanese and everything that is pushing and proving the foundations of stability in the Sudan.

This came when he participated in addressing the events of the workshop to formulate the demands and outcomes of the Sinkat conferences organized by the Federal Secretariat of the Council of Independent Beja and Vertical Glasses and the Coordinator of Eastern Sudan in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum in the presence and participation of Ambassador Mohamed Bellife of the African Union and the Overseer Mohammed Al Amen.

Addressing the event, the Ambassador affirmed that the Kingdom sincerely supports all efforts to reconcile the Sudanese and that it has not and will not delay the support of its brothers in the Sudan.

His country’s position with the Sudan and its stability were dictated by duty, ties of religion and common destiny.

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