Signatories to the framework agreement receive the draft final agreement

Yesterday evening, a meeting was held in the Republican Palace involving General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, and the leaders of the civilian parties that signed the framework agreement in the presence of the tripartite mechanism.

The meeting saw the Drafting Committee’s handover of the preliminary draft of the final political agreement of the civilian and military parties signatories to the agreement.

A spokesman for the political process, Khaled Omar Yusuf, said the drafting committee reviewed the working methodology based on the compilation of agreed terms of reference summarized in the framework agreement, the draft political declaration discussed with non-signatories, the draft transitional constitution, and the recommendations of the four conferences and workshops held since 9 January.

The draft agreement included 6 parts, the first being the final political agreement based on the Framework Agreement, the Political Declaration and the Transitional Constitution. Five annexed protocols are considered to be part of the Agreement, the first four being to adopt the texts of the recommendations of the four conferences and workshops and to transform their language into a political agreement; The fifth is a paper on the basis and principles of security and military reform agreed in the previous period between the parties and the parties, which will be completed in accordance with the recommendations of the current workshop in the Friendship Hall on the same issue.

The parties agreed to compile observations on the draft until next March 29, and incorporate the recommendations of the Security and Military Reform Workshop into it so that the agreement is fully ready to be signed in the timelines set for April 1.

The meeting also discussed the report of the Contact Committee with non-signatories, and decided to redouble efforts to urge them to sign the political declaration and join the ongoing political process in the hope of discussing and signing the final political agreement with the other parties to the framework political agreement at the agreed time.

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