Signing a memorandum of understanding between IGAD and UNHCR

The Executive Secretary of IGAD received my paper in his office today, Ms. Kalmentin Salami, Regional Director of UNHCR in the Horn of Africa and East Africa.

In his statement, IGAD maintained a strong partnership with UNHCR in supporting regional efforts to address forced displacement and its challenges, and underscored UNHCR’s support for IGAD and the Nairobi Declaration.

Wishing for continued cooperation across sectors including health, education, livelihoods, self-reliance, protection, capacity training and private sector participation.

“We know that the number of displaced persons across the region is constantly increasing and the IGAD area is home to approximately 17 million displaced persons, with 4.5 million refugees and over 12 million internally displaced persons,” Raqni said, noting that this means that needs have increased and that more support is needed to alleviate the suffering of displaced persons and their host communities.

Stating that the current global context is a major challenge with other competing challenges such as Ukraine’s crises, ongoing drought and political challenges across the region, he noted that more concerted efforts are needed in supporting Member States to raise resources to respond to the ever-increasing challenge of forced displacement.

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