Sudan’s foreign affairs reveal options for escalation against UAE

A senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sudan has revealed measures to be evaluated for possible action towards the United Arab Emirates.

The official said in a press release that relations with the UAE were no longer good after the outbreak of the 15 April war this year.

Last week, Sovereign Council member Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta launched a blatant offensive against the UAE accusing it of supporting the RSF.

Atta, speaking before members of the Security Service, described the UAE as a “mafia.”

He is the first Sudanese official to explicitly accuse the United Arab Emirates of standing by the Rapid Support Forces in the war against the Sudanese army.

The Foreign Official, who preferred not to be named, quoted the calming as an option but did not work, adding that the other option was the closest expected to have negative consequences.

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