The Embassy of China in Sudan will work to achieve the goal

China’s embassy in Sudan confirmed that the mission of the Central Communist Party of China (CCP) after the recent General Conference No. 20 in Beijing was to lead China in all its ethnic components to achieve the objectives of building a socialist China and rejuvenating China in all areas through modernization for China’s national renaissance, a dream pursued by the Chinese nation.

Chinese Ambassador Ma Xinmin told a press briefing that building a good life was a priority as Secretary-General Xi Jinping announced that between 2020/2035 we are seeking a prosperous, strong, democratic and culturally advanced modern Chinese state.

Mr. Ma Xinmin added that China was implementing a number of updates, including achieving prosperity, material progress, Chinese harmony between humanity, nature and peaceful development.

The strategic plans are in the areas of economy, politics, culture, society, preservation of the environment and scientific talents, technology and governance based on law and national security, modernization of national defence, armed forces and actions related to Hong Kong, Mako and Taiwan.

He referred to the CPC’s 20th National Congress. We believe that there are new opportunities for development for the Sudan and other countries, in addition to encouraging all Sudanese to seize opportunities to deepen bilateral cooperation in various areas, which could yield beneficial results for all and thus create a brighter future for the Sudan and China.

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