The President of the Sudan Appeal meets the tripartite mechanism

Mr. Shaikh Al-Tayeb, grandfather and Debder met in the Friendship Hall at the Tripartite Hall in the presence of Volker Berts, Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Administrator of the UNTAMS Mission, Envoy of the African Union and Ambassador of the African Union.

Sheikh Al-Tayeb gave a detailed explanation of the stages of the initiative and the Conference’s round table and recommendations.

Dr. Hashim Karib Allah, Chief Executive Officer of the Sudanese People’s Appeal Initiative, said in press statements that the meeting was clear, transparent and frank, during which all those who took place in the initiative and the large participation of parties, youth, women and other professional entities were clarified.

He also pointed out that the Darhul debate is important for the parties to prepare for elections and that their presence during the transition period can be supervisory, noting that Volker asked for clarification about the initiative and whether it could be discussed with other parties or put to them for further consultation so that everyone could participate.

Dr. Hashim added that the initiative is open to all and that the Executive Committee and the Supreme Committee are mandated to meet and invite all those who have not participated in the initiative, stressing that the Sudan needs to join forces in reaching understandings that contribute to the completion of the transition period towards free and fair elections during which the people choose their representatives and achieve peaceful circulation of the medium for the realization of the principle of democracy.

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