The Vice-President of the Sovereign Council will adopt a road map to end the war

The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Mr. Malik Ayr, announced the adoption of a road map to end the war, build the Sudanese State based on the rule of law, extend the prestige of the State and draft the country’s constitution in preparation for the forthcoming elections.

Addressing the events of the Coordination Forum of Provincial Governors and State Governors of Al-Qadarif, Aqar said: “The war now exists is a war of resources, not for the Sudanese, but for those who supported the establishment of war for the militia side of rapid support for the objective of occupation and settlement, not for the achievement of democracy as they claim.

Aqar stressed the need to open a new page in order to establish a multiplicity and quality national army to avoid fragmentation of the State of the Sudan.

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