The World Federation grants Salahuddin Abubakar the status of goodwill ambassador

The World Federation of Friends of the United Nations (WFUNF) awarded Dr. Salahuddin Abubakar Amer, President of Nurse Charitable Organization, Head of Civil Society Organizations Caucus the title of Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, Honorary Doctorate in Political and Economic Science and Permanent Membership of Friends of the United Nations Nations.

Dr. Ayman Wahdan, Regional Representative of the Friends of the United Nations Federation in the Middle East and North Africa, said that Dr. Salah is a real addition to the organization’s ambassadors around the world.

Praising Dr. and his led organization’s programmes towards displaced persons, refugees, youth groups and women Stressing its full support and cooperation with the Nourse Charitable Organization for the implementation of a package of projects in the war-affected areas of the Sudan in addition to the signing of a cooperation with the Organization in the areas of health, education, environment and development projects; The Federal Federation of Friends of the United Nations adopts its basic form and lofty objectives to act as an enormous human base of civil society leaders around the world who create and deliver humanitarian initiatives in all their forms.

In a press statement, Dr. Salahuddin Abubakar expressed his appreciation to the United Nations Federal Administration and its confidence in honoring him with the title of Ambassador of Goodwill and Honorary Doctorate in Political and Economic Science, stressing that the honour motivated to provide the best possible in the fields of giving.

He noted that the tribute was paid with love to all displaced persons and refugees in Africa and the Arab homeland. UNIDO’s desire to build development projects and mobilize the communities of need to put a new imprint on the human book through a series of joint projects between the civil society and federal organizations of the United Nations, particularly in the areas of training and qualification for the youth sectors, women, displaced persons and refugees, issues of democratization and the building and strengthening of institutions working in voluntary and humanitarian work.

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