Western Darfur State Security Committee takes several actions as a result of repeated security incidents

The Vice-President of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, held an important meeting today with the Western Darfur State Security Committee in the presence of members of the Sovereign Council, Professor Tahir Hajr and Dr. Hadi Idriss, and the

The meeting discussed the recent recurrent security events in El Geneina, Jebel Moon, Kulbus, Krink and other areas of the State.

Western Darfur State Governor Khamis Abdullah Abkar stressed that the meeting regretted the renewed conflicts in the state, pointing to the adoption of a number of important decisions in the direction of enhancing security and stability and imposing the prestige of the state.

The meeting decided to move joint forces over the next week to El Geneina to work on the establishment of security in the state and the Meeting also emphasized the tight coordination of all forces in the mandate, The meeting stressed the need to update the item on security arrangements and take movements’ forces out of cities He noted that many decisions will be announced successively in the coming days. The meeting was safe to open a community dialogue among all the State’s social components in order to achieve comprehensive peace and peaceful coexistence for peace and stability.

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