Lionel Messi shocks Barcelona and his wife is the reason

Paris Saint-Germain star captain Lionel Messi crowned World Cup champion at World Cup Qatar, European media reports reveal President of the Spanish club Juan Laporta, as well as Catalan coach Xavi Hernández.

The Daily Mile newspaper said the agreement had already been tentatively made pending the signing of contracts following Messi’s return from a short break after a month of World Cup matches, with the renewal to be announced for one year until the summer of 2024 after the current contract expires next summer.

The contract also carries an option for an automatic extension for another year until the summer of 2025.

French newspapers revealed that one of the main reasons that Messi decided to settle in Paris was his wife Antonella, who has important decisions concerning his young family and is now integrated into Parisian life as well as their children.

Antonella was no longer willing to return to Barcelona and would prefer to make Paris a permanent home for her young family.

There is now consensus among all, including his father and agent Jorge, especially since the Parisian financial offer is difficult to find Messi elsewhere. He expects his annual salary to rise to more than $60 million tax-free, with a substantial contract signing bonus, among others, expected to be disclosed after the formal announcement of the contract renewal.

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