A court decision agrees to begin Google’s appeal against the decision to fine it in India

The Court of Appeal of Indian Companies – dealing with monopoly proceedings – has agreed to initiate an appeal against the order of India’s Competition Protection and Antitrust Authority.

The Indian order fined Google for abusing the situation in the Android smartphone operating system where the appeal will begin on Wednesday.

Bloomberg News reported that Google had appealed against the Competition Protection and Antitrust Authority’s decision to fine it Rs 13.4 billion ($162 million) for abusing the dominant status of Android.

The Competition Protection Authority of India fined Alphabet the parent company of Google last October for abusing the dominant role of its operating system (Android) in order to enhance its e-search activity.

The authority said at the time that Google’s pre-installed apps would encourage users to use Google Search Engine.

The Committee ordered Google to make adjustments, including the ability to remove search engine applications.

India, which will officially become the world’s most populous country, is an important growth market for Google and other US Silicon Valley companies and Android phones are the most popular in the country.

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