A new complaint goes after iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users complained that their new phones were warming unbearably after a few minutes of continuous use.

New experiments show that the iPhone 15 Pro reached temperatures of 118 ° F (48 ° C) in 30 minutes, so that it could not be handled.

Users turned to X to complain about the problem, saying: “The iPhone 15 Pro, made of natural titanium, becomes too hot to hold and heats up after a two-minute FaceTime call.”

Users in Apple’s online support community also shared their experience with the new device.

User marstatooine said: “This happened with me too and I had just got the phone I quickly realized it was hotter than my phone before.”

Another added: “I was taking pictures, and kept closing because of the high temperature.”

The heat source is thought to be the processing chip, which becomes hotter in smartphones generally the harder it will work.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro options come with a sophisticated chip called the A17 Pro that improves performance, including artificial intelligence capabilities and battery life.

Chinese technology blogger Geekerwan discovered that the iPhone Pro chip set new temperature records in just 30 minutes.

“iPhone 15 Pro has set a new record in my experience with iPhone, reaching 48 degrees Celsius,” he said in a video posted on YouTube.

Apple launched its “iPhone 15 ′ ′ phone range, with a new titanium frame, USB-C charging port and new artificial intelligence features.

Titanium is not thought to relate to the issue of heat, as the substance has a relatively weak thermal conductivity.

The problem could be fixed through future software updates.

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