Exynos 2400.. Learn about Samsung’s new phone processor

Samsung South Korea has launched its new smartphone processor Xenos 2400, which will bring sophisticated capabilities that will make its phones 70% faster than the previous generation, in addition to providing them with AI-based capabilities.

During an event at its “SLSI Tech Day” conference, the company revealed that its new processor would come with the updated graphics processing unit “Xclipse 940”, which relies on the latest RDNA 3 graphics architecture from AMD, according to an official statement.

The new graphics offer outstanding performance with games, equipped with the ability to process the display of shadows and light reflections with superior accuracy via Ray Tracing technology.

New capabilities

The new processor also offers sophisticated AI capabilities, allowing for ultra-accurate image design via text commands based on the operation of state-of-the-art AI models.

Mr. Young In Park, Samsung Business Manager for the Design of the Company’s Processors, noted that Samsung relies on its Samsung LSI Humanoid Platform to use and develop its patents and smart chips to simulate the five human senses within its phones and smart devices.

Samsung also highlighted its 5G technology support updates, providing its new processor with a modem chip capable of running 5G NB-IoT technologies as well as NTN.

The two technologies are one of the latest in the 5G technologies, especially NTN, an abbreviation of Non Terrestrial Network where smartphones allow satellite communications without the need for access to traditional wireless networks And so the user can continue to make connections even in remote places that are not covered by traditional networks of mobile phones to be that official first step for Samsung in the satellite telecommunications market.

Companies like Apple and Huawei have already offered emergency satellite connectivity benefits since last year.

New experience with photography
Samsung has also announced a new shooting technology called Zoom Anyplace, which allows the user to shoot with zoom up to four levels, without losing any degree of resolution of image or video clarity.

This feature is a major addition to Samsung’s 200-megapixel imaging sensors, because the lead phone cameras were usually slow in Shutter Speed motion, especially with zoom, and so the new feature would be an ideal solution to that problem.

The Korean company explained that the new feature relies on artificial intelligence to analyze the scene during filming, continuously tracking and capturing video for the scene, thus collecting all the details of the scene, ensuring the presentation of superior resolution of the display, even as the scene is enlarged during filming.

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