Google launches a smart search feature in the file app

Google launched its smart search feature widely in its Files app in Android.

The smart search feature in the File Management app enables the inspection of documents and images, and then knows important files such as personal ID cards, passport, driver’s licence, etc., to organize and facilitate access to them.

This feature can also extract information from such as passport number or personal ID number for easy finding or sharing when needed.

Google says all data remains on the user’s device, and is not sent to its servers to preserve users’ privacy.

The app automatically puts important files into a dedicated folder and allows users to manually add files to it.

Users can experience the new feature by updating the Files app to the latest version, and Google is gradually activating that feature for all users.

When the smart search feature is available in the app, the files will be checked and indexed, and when completed users will notice a new tab called “Important” in the tab underneath the screen, and the user will find other subtypes.

Users are shown a pop-up window to notify them of the availability of the new feature within the app.

It is worth mentioning that Google Files app allows users to manage and organize files stored on Android devices, with various other advantages, such as searching and saving files in a secure file protected by a traffic code, adding files to a favorite, and transferring files between devices via Near Share and others.

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