With German support, a vocational training centre was built in El Fasher at a cost of 3 million euros

At the North Darfur State Government headquarters in El Fasher, an agreement was signed between the State Government, Techno and the German International Cooperation Agency to establish a vocational training and apprenticeship centre in El Fasher as a grant from the German Government at a construction cost of Euro3 million as part of the German Government’s support for Darfur reconstruction projects.

The projection ceremony witnessed the Secretary-General of the Government of Northern Darfur, Acting Governor Hafiz Bakhit Mohammed, Director-General of Infrastructure, Engineer Al-Mehi Sheikh Mohammed, and Director-General of the Ministry of Finance, Mohamed Musa Yahya.

The agreement stipulated that Techno would carry out the two-storey project within a maximum of 12 months and that the building would include four rooms, including a welding workshop, a food and beverage preparation hall and three electronic, mechanical and industrial training workshops.

In a press release, the Acting Governor praised the grant from the German Agency for International Cooperation, who said that he would contribute significantly to the training of young manpower to contribute to the development process in Darfur and the country in general. The state government today delivered the executor a piece of land allocated to the centre in preparation for the commencement of construction operations.

Furthermore, the Secretary-General of the State Council for Vocational Training, Ms. Faiza Harun, who signed the contract on behalf of the State Government, said that the project would contribute directly to the implementation of the Council’s objectives in various areas of vocational training and apprenticeship.

The project, if completed, would be the great dream that remained for everyone and the Secretary of the State Council for Vocational Training commended the State Government’s efforts in approving and delivering the site to the executing company.

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