Meta is suing Facebook and accusing him of kidnapping

Imagine waking up a day and discovering that the name of your small company that you created more than a decade ago, was suddenly “hijacked” by one of the most powerful companies in the world.

This is what really happened, according to CNBC of America, to a man called Justin Bolognino, who owns a company he called “Dead.”

“It was surreal, it was like watching a movie,” says Bolognino.

He told the US network details of what happened, when he first heard last year that Facebook had renamed it “dead.”

He said, “What happened is the scenario I don’t want, and I don’t even wish to give birth to my enemies.”

He added that he started his small project 12 years ago, in the field of “MetaVers”, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, but that work was interrupted after Facebook’s move.

The reason for this was that his company’s services fully matched Facebook’s announcement that it offered services such as social immersion in virtual spaces.

In October 2021, Facebook announced that it would change its name to “Meta” after developing new services, transforming it into “MetaVirus.”

A lawyer, Justin Bolognino, said that she had contacted Meta or Facebook previously to tell her that she was violating her agent’s intellectual property rights.

After 8 months of negotiations, the giant “meta” had not put any solution on the table.

It considered that what Facebook had done was an unlawful acquisition of its agent’s name and disregard for its existence.

Not only is this, but it’s a hassle for the owner of the small business, as his customers believe that the services he provides come from Facebook, which is not true.

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