More than a hundred leaders, heads and representatives of countries attended the launch of the climate summit

The Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh began today the summit of the parties participating in the climate change conference under the slogan “Together towards change” with the participation of the Sudan and the presence of more than 100 leaders, heads and representatives of states.

The Summit is expected to adopt the recommendations and decisions of the ministerial meetings of ministers on environment and climate, which emphasized the need to compensate poor countries and assist them in implementing climate change projects with adequate funding.

The recommendations also called for States to fulfil the commitments of the Conference of the Parties participating in the Climate Change Conference “COP27” to strengthen the world’s efforts to address climate change and to mitigate global warming by reducing the Earth’s temperature by 1.5% by 2023.

To abide by its previous commitments aimed at advancing the international community’s efforts to address climate change.

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