Moscow is the world on the brink of a world war or nuclear disaster

Russian Vice-President Dmitry Medvedev warned that the world was on the brink of a third world war or nuclear disaster, but we would do our utmost to prevent it.

“Russia does not need to negotiate with the West and now confidence cannot be talked about,” he said, “considering that attempts to expand NATO to the east were preparations for war with Russia.”

Russian channel RT quoted Medvedev as saying on Monday: “The disparity between Russia and the West is far more than they combine and last year was a turning point.”

He pointed out that in the relations of sovereign independent States with the Anglo-Saxon world in the current composition, even talk cannot be about trust and hope in the decency of partners, their devotion to the word and even their well-stated principles, unfortunately, but we have no one to talk to and negotiate with in the West now there is nothing to talk about and nothing to do.

He stressed that last year’s events eliminated the possibility of trust, respectful dialogue and the actions of current and former Western leaders were ironic, pointing out that the Russian side at the time had confidence in its partners and did not expect direct betrayal of them and the commencement of action to destroy Russia.

The Russian Vice-President of the Security Council considered that the expansion of NATO to the East and the preparations for the confrontation in fact amounted to a willingness to war with Russia, which they had not stopped for a minute were endless muddy streams of cynical lies.

He considered that the only thing stopping our enemies today was the realization that the fundamentals of the State’s policy on nuclear deterrence would guide Russia and would act on them in the event of a real threat.

Putin and other senior officials have repeatedly stressed that Russia’s policy on nuclear weapons provides for the possibility of being used if there is a threat to its territorial integrity.

According to experts, Russia has the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons with nearly 6,000 warheads.

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