Raising cats and dogs at home.. Science reveals the lie of happiness

A recent study by US researchers at the University of Michigan revealed that the claims of people who like to breed cats and dogs are mere illusions.

There is a common belief among animal breeders that they are happy, but according to the study, they only echo what they like to hear, as experts have found no link between never having a dog and happiness and well-being.

The study focused on the period of home isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, which saw an increase in pet demand and evaluated 767 individuals three times in May 2020.

Researchers used a mixed approach to examine different indicators of well-being and questions about the role of pets in their owners’ well-being.

Pet owners said their animals bring them happiness as they claimed they helped them feel more positive feelings and provided them with pleasant companionship.

Pet owners’ happiness levels were compared with those of pet breeders over a period of time and the results showed no significant difference in the overall well-being of the two groups as confirmed by the University of Michigan website that published the results of the study.

According to Deutsche Welle, the type and number of pets owned as well as the close relationship between them and their owners did not affect the results.

Study co-author William Chopik and associate professor in Michigan State University’s Department of Psychology stated that people believe pets make them happy, but the study results suggest otherwise.

People often consider acquiring a pet and are advised to do so for those who feel lonely or need companionship but pets may not have the significant impact people think they do.

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