The Pentagon Russia’s nuclear threats are irresponsible statements

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to use all available means to defend Russia after annexing four Ukrainian regions to its territory an “illegal claim and irresponsible statement,” saying that “brandishing the use of nuclear weapons is not one of the things that is expected to be heard from leaders of large countries with capabilities.”

Austin – in remarks reported by the US magazine Politico on its website – noted that “Ukrainian army forces have fought well so far,” expecting the army to continue trying to regain its territory.

“I think the Ukrainians surprised the world in terms of their ability to defend and initiate, their commitment to defend their democracy,” Austin added, noting that “that will to fight mobilized the international community in a united effort to provide security support to Ukraine, so that it can continue to fight Russia.”

“The United States will not abandon Ukraine regardless of Putin’s next move,” Austin said, continuing: “We will continue to support the Ukrainians, as US President Joe Biden said, as long as it takes.”

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