Von der Leyen: We will never accept that Russia threatens our security

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warned in a speech to Canada’s parliament in Ottawa on Tuesday that the EU would never accept Russia threatening its security.

“We will never accept that a military force with the dreams of its tank empire be sent beyond international borders,” the President of the European Commission said, according to AFP.

The European official added that the 27 countries of the Union “will never accept this threat to the security of Europe and to the foundations of our international community”, according to the French agency.

The President of the European Commission appealed to the Canadian Parliament to provide “firm military and economic support” to Ukraine, stressing that Russia must pay “the price for the crime of its aggression” against Ukraine.

In November, von der Leyen called for the establishment of a special court to try Russian leaders for their “presumed crimes in Ukraine.”

On the eve of International Women’s Rights Day, von der Leyen welcomed Ukrainian women fighting in the army in defence of their homeland.

They were prevented from fighting before the war, but they “didn’t care about it and started joining the army.”

“This is not just a war in Ukraine. It is also a war against human rights, a war against women’s rights, “according to AFP.

The European official stated that the United Nations had accused “Russia of using rape and sexual violence as part of its military strategy in Ukraine”, noting the “counter-attack” by Ukrainian women.

During a visit to a Canadian military base, the European official, accompanied by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pledged to supply generators to Ukraine to offset part of the severe shortage caused by Russia’s bombing of the country’s electricity facilities.

In turn, Trudeau announced that the task carried out by its forces in Poland to train Ukrainian military engineers, which was due to end soon, would be extended until October.

His country would also send medical instructors to train Ukraine’s military medical service.

After Canada, von der Leyen visits the United States where President Joe Biden meets at the White House on Friday.

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